Watch: Dog walker almost loses his trousers as cat attacks him and his dog

October 26, 2020
This is the moment a dog walker has to hoist his pooch in the air - and hang on to his trousers - when an angry cat attacks him after they get too near her kittens.
  CCTV footage shows the man swinging the pet by its lead as the cat claws its way up his back in the Bagcilar neighbourhood of Istanbul, Turkey.   The cat is thrown to the ground several times but continues leaping at the dog cradled in the man’s arms as he struggles to keep it out of harm's way and recover his dignity. In the scuffle outside a cafe the moggy also pulls down the man's trousers, exposing his backside, as he desperately tries to hold them up.    The dog walker even attempts to kick at the cat, who shows no signs of giving up and continually lunges at the dog.  According to the Turkish newspaper Sozcu, the unnamed man was walking his dog past a cafe when he noticed the cat suddenly running towards them. Realising the feline was intent on attacking his dog, the man hoisted his pet pooch into the air by its lead as the feline jumped all over him trying to reach the hound. The cat was eventually removed from the scene by two bystanders who helped the man, one even using a chair to move the reluctant cat away. Workers at a nearby cafe defended the cat, saying she had five kittens and that she was very protective. They said she had also attacked other dogs that came near her young. They named the feline Azrael after the cat from the Smurfs, owned by the evil villain Gargamel. It often attempts to help him catch Smurfs so he can turn them into gold.

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