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Can workers comp force you back to work?

A return-to-work policy allows your employees to return to a light-duty job while they recover from a work-related injury or illness. ... A workers' comp return-to-work policy can provide benefits to your business, including: Help controlling the direct and indirect absenteeism costs. Reducing lost productivity.

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What is the purpose of the return to work after injury policy?

A return to work (RTW) program is the formal policy that outlines general procedures for handling work related injury or illness. It represents an employer's commitment to the health, safety and recovery of workers following an incident. All employers in NSW are required by law to have one.

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What should a return to work program include?

What's in a return to work plan?

Assessment services: Assessing the capabilities of the injured worker. ...

Same employer: Keeping the worker employed at their current workplace after injury or illness. ...

New employer: Transitioning the worker to a new workplace after injury or illness.

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Can I get a settlement from workers comp if I go back to work?

Yes, you can get a settlement from workers' compensation if you go back to work after your treating doctor releases you to resume working. If you refuse to go back to work when your doctor says you can work again, you can lose your workers' compensation benefits.

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