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How do I get a privacy policy URL on Facebook?

To find the Privacy Policy URL field, follow the steps below:

1. Go to your Facebook Developer Dashboard.

2. In the left navigation menu, click on Settings, then click on Basic in the submenu.

3. The Privacy Policy URL field will be on this page, as shown below:

Privacy Policy URL for Facebook Apps - › Blog

Where is the business privacy policy URL on Facebook ads?

Copy the link. On your Facebook Ads account go to Lead Generation and click New Form. Add a link to your privacy policy under the section labeled Privacy Policy > Link URL.

Privacy Policy for Facebook Lead Ads - Iubenda › help › 12158-privacy-policy-facebook-lead-ads

How do I create a privacy policy URL?

Once you've got your mobile or desktop app URL, all you need to do is provide it to your host. Login to your developer account and navigate to Settings > Basic. You'll head to the Privacy Policy URL field and then paste the link you generated from TermsFeed into the box. Save your changes, and you're ready to go.

The Importance of a Privacy Policy URL - TermsFeed › blog › privacy-policy-url

How do I create a privacy policy on Facebook?

How to create a privacy policy for a Facebook app

1. Click on Start Generating, select Facebook app, fill in your app name, select your language and generate.

2. Add all services collecting personal data including the Facebook permissions you are using to your policy. ...

3. Fill out your app owner and contact details and save.

Privacy Policy for Facebook Apps - Iubenda › help › 13561-privacy-policy-for-facebook-apps

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