Macos Vmware Games › 313125 › how-to-convert-betweenHow to Convert Between Preallocated and Growable Disks in VMware

Jul 11, 2017 · VMware normally creates “growable” disks, which start small and grow over time as you add data. However, you can also create “preallocated” disks that start at their maximum size. If you want to compact a disk later, you’ll need to convert it from preallocated to growable. Or, you may want to convert a disk from growable to preallocated for maximum performance.

Category: VMware › install-vmware-tools-unavailableInstall VMware Tools grayed out / unavailable [Full Fix]

Jul 22, 2020 · With VMware Tools, you can copy and paste files directly between the connected systems. Here are the most useful tools that come included in the VMware toolkit. VMware OS Optimization Tool – a useful tool for VMware Horizon. It expands your usability of guest systems by tweaking features and services.

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