Top 10 Longest Flash In Valorant of 2021


Which flash lasts the longest in Valorant?

VALORANT player gets hit with Skye flash that lasts almost 15 seconds.

Sep 23, 2021

VALORANT player gets hit with Skye flash that lasts almost 15 ... › valorant › news › valorant-player-gets-hit-with-skye-flash...

How long are flashes Valorant?

Quick Summary of a Flash Generally, a Valorant flash blinds everyone who sees it for 4 seconds. However, even if an agent turns away from the flash but is otherwise in the flash's line of sight, they still get blinded for roughly 2 seconds or less.

Aug 6, 2021

Valorant's Flash Problem - Valorbuff › articles › 867-2021-8-6-valorant-s-flash-problem

What agents have flashes in Valorant?

Flash is one of the most common abilities that most of the Valorant agents have, including Pheonix, Yoru, KAY/O, Breach, and Skye. However, other Valorant agents' abilities like, Reyna's Leer and Omen's Paranoia ability have a similar effect on the enemies, but technically they are not flashes.

New Flash tips and tricks for all Valorant agents - Sportskeeda › valorant › new-flash-tips-tricks-valorant-agents

How long does Phoenix Flash last?

Phoenix's signature ability is Hot Hands (default E). With Hot Hands, Phoenix can throw a fireball that explodes after a short delay or when it gets in contact with the ground. It does 60 DPS and lasts for 4 seconds.

Valorant Agent Guide: Phoenix | EarlyGame › valorant-agent-guide-phoenix

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