Is Kami Client Safe


Is Kami blue safe Minecraft?

KAMI Blue won't be based off of other mods unless said otherwise. If you get banned for breaking a servers rules using KAMI Blue, it is not any of the developers fault. It is meant to be used on *anarchy* servers, which do not have rules.

KAMI Blue | A Minecraft utility mod for anarchy servers

What is Kami client?

KAMI is a fabric mod. Download the latest release, or preferably, build it yourself. Download and run the installer for Fabric from here if you do not have it already. KAMI does not require Fabric API. Move the KAMI jar file to the mods folder in your .

Kami - Minecraft utility mod aimed at anarchy servers - GitHub › zeroeightysix › KAMI

Does Kami Blue Use Forge?

Will there ever be a version for newer Minecraft versions? No, KAMI Blue's codebase is too big and relies on Forge events way too much to port to a newer version. Instead, you can use KAMI, a 1.16. x client.

Frequently asked questions | KAMI Blue › faq

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