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Ibn Battuta's description of Mecca. One of the most famous travelers to Mecca in the 14th century was a Moroccan scholar and traveler, Ibn Battuta. In his rihla (account), he provides a vast description of the city. Around the year 1327 CE or 729 AH, Ibn Battuta arrived at the holy city.

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The Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta stayed in Iznik at the end of 1331 soon after the capture of the town by Orhan. According to Ibn Battuta, the town was in ruins and only inhabited by a small number of people who were in the service of the sultan. Within the city walls were gardens and cultivated plots with each house surrounded by an orchard.

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Africa is known to have a very rich culture and part of it can easily be seen in African quotes. Some of the African quotes which are usually regarded to as the sayings of the wise have been around for more than 500 years when they were first coined by the wise ones and the heroes among our fathers.

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