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Jun 12, 2016 · Rewriting, what is meant to be a cast to a meaningless multiplication is a really poor suggestion. If I were to read the code, I'd have to stop and think, inspect the code history, probably remove the useless multiplication, re-compile, only to find out, that this should have been a static_cast from the beginning. › resourcesRule of 72 - Formula, Calculate the Time for an Investment to ...

Step 7: n = 69.3 / r (Turning r into an integer rather than a decimal) Notice that after deriving the formula, we end up with 69.3, not 72. Although 69.3 is more accurate, it is not easily divisible. Therefore, the Rule of 72 is used for the sake of simplicity. The number 72 also provides more factors (2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 24…).

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In the backend, the first part of the formula (TODAY()-G8) results in a difference between today’s date & birthdate, then that number is divided by the 365 to get the age of the person in years. It will return the exact age of a person. i.e. 36.52 (Year with the decimal number).

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The following formula will calculate the number of working days (inclusive) between 2 dates. A working day is defined as Monday to Friday. Even if the start or end dates are a weekend, these are accommodated.

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Int function is a very simple function used to convert any number into an integer value. Integer values are any number which is a whole number, but it can be a positive number or negative number. Int function can consider any number, whether it is decimal, fraction, or square root value, but in the end, we will be getting a whole number out of it.

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Sep 21, 2021 · TODAY() While similar to the NOW() function: TODAY() returns the current date (not the current time, if formatted, time will return 12:00am). This function updates when the formula is recalculated, when a base is loaded, or otherwise roughly every 15 minutes when a base is open.

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Rounding to other values Rounding to a specified multiple. The most common type of rounding is to round to an integer; or, more generally, to an integer multiple of some increment — such as rounding to whole tenths of seconds, hundredths of a dollar, to whole multiples of 1/2 or 1/8 inch, to whole dozens or thousands, etc.

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