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Dewey Decimal Guide. Use this chart to learn how the library's books are organized on the shelves! Look at the number next to the subject you are interested in below (for example, 560 for Dinosaurs), then find that number on the library's shelves to find those books.

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Apr 16, 2015 · Exactly one class period was dedicated to learning the Dewey Decimal System, and I had the flu that week. So it’s not an impossible system to learn. Pretty much everything I know about Dewey was learned on the job and through osmosis as a lifelong library user and second generation librarian.

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Dewey Decimal System Thinkquest - online quest to discover more about the Dewey Decimal System and the man behind it Quia Dewey Decimal System - games to test your knowledge Kids Guide to the Dewey Decimal System - a chart to help kids find nonfiction topics

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Dewey Decimal Classification: A Short Subject List ...

A. Abortion – 363.46. Addiction – 362.29. Adolescence – 305.235 Adoption – 362.734. Advertising – 659.1. Aerodynamics – 533.62. Africa (History) – 960

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Call Numbers and Dewey Decimal Classification System. Call Numbers Presentation. Dewey Decimal Rap. Shelver Game. Finding Books, Checkout Procedures, and Shelving. Checkout Procedures Review - PDF Version. Checkout Procedures - Word Version. OPAC Scavenger Hunt - PDF Version. OPAC Scavenger Hunt - Word Version. Shelver Game from Mrs. Lodge's ...

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KidsClick! is a web search site designed for kids by librarians - with kid-friendly results! Keyword Search. Hello! We are so sorry, but KidsClick has been retired. You may wish to visit the International Children’s Digital Library, which is run by the University of Maryland, and is an established, ongoing, and award winning digital library ...

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Board Games; Digital Talking Books; Library of Things; Seed Swap; Writers Respond To Covid-19; Curbside Service; Departments. Archives Department. Digital Lab; Children. Book Bundles; Educator Resources. Educator Kits; Every Child Ready To Read; Homework Help For Kids; How To Use The Dewey Decimal System; My Next Read; Read Away Fines; Staff ...

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These great KS2 decimal games, worksheets, and display materials include activities on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals. Pick a handy PowerPoint to help introduce a topic, or choose from dedicated worksheets for Year 3 , 4 , 5 and 6 .

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We’ve got quizzes, word games and rivia on a variety of topics. Spelling Test 1. IQ test for kids includes 36 (60) questions and it is scored automatically after 25 (30) minutes. Ask the child which statement they would prefer to hear. Dewey Decimal Concentration Play concentration by matching the number to …

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