Top 10 Cruise Ship Tycoon Codes of 2021


How do you get unlimited money on cruise tycoon?

Get More Money To get free money, first enter into the game: IAmACheater (or iamcheater in some versions). Then, press Ctrl + Shift + F11 (or CTRL + Shift + M).

Mar 7, 2017

PC Cheats - Cruise Ship Tycoon Wiki Guide - IGN › wikis › cruise-ship-tycoon › PC_Cheats

What is the fastest ship in Cruise ship Tycoon?

The Raven is one of the Ships that doesn't have a bulbous bow. The Raven is said to be the fastest ship in the game. The Raven can max out at ~100 knots, if you add 6 nuclear reactors, and add 35kwh solar panels to the top.

Raven | Roblox Cruise Ship Tycoon Wiki › wiki › Raven

What is crowdedness in Cruise ship Tycoon?

Crowdedness: based on how many passengers are on your ship. If you have too many passengers, the rating will be lower. Each ship can hold more passengers and keep a five-star crowdedness rating than the former.

Ship Rating | Roblox Cruise Ship Tycoon Wiki › wiki › Ship_Rating

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