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How does body type affect your avatar in Roblox?

Note: When Body Type is at 0%, your avatar will have the proportions of a classic R15 avatar. When set to 100%, your avatar will reflect the new Rthro proportions. Proportions: This allows you to adjust your avatar’s physique as it goes from broader to slimmer proportions.

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Why are avatars important to the Roblox community?

Avatars have always been an integral part of the Roblox community and platform. As our universe has grown and become more diverse, we’ve continually taken steps to give players the ultimate freedom to be whomever they want to be.

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Where to find Avatar scaling options in Roblox?

Developers and players can decide exactly where along the spectrum they want their experience to be. Rthro is about being who you want to be. You can find these scaling options in the Avatar Editor under Body -> Appearance -> Scale.

Roblox Avatar Expansion - Roblox Blog

Is there going to be an Avatar 2?

The film has been under development since 2010. Cameron has already confirmed the sequel, which will be shot before Alita: Battle Angel. James Cameron has previously stated that the film will likely not be entitled "Avatar 2", since Jake is no longer an avatar at the end of the first movie, but rather a Na'vi. No final title has yet been announced.

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