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Where are replays saved? :: Assetto Corsa General Discussions

Dec 29, 2013 · I have saved a few replays in the game, I was wondering if i can view them outside of the game. Are they in a folder located in Assetto Corsa's folder structure. My bad if that makes little sense

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Replay directory : assettocorsa

Replay directory I got an SSD a few days ago, meaning my Assetto Corsa folder in 'My Documents' is now on the SSD. Is there any way to change where the replays are saved, as they can get up to 500mb.

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What format are the replays in? :: Assetto Corsa General ...

Oct 19, 2014 · Yeah ive found them but i cant play them ive tried VLC and media player both refuse to play the clips You cant play them with VLC because it's not a video: basically it's a log.

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ACC Saved Replays | RaceDepartment

Oct 21, 2020 · 201. Oct 18, 2020. #2. The .rpy file is a bit like a database of information about everything going on with every car at every moment in a session. One needs the game engine to then read that info and put it into a visual form. It isn’t a visual recording, so the only way to make a video of the session is to record it, or what I do, record ...

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Assetto Corsa - How To Save Replays - Assetto Corsa - TEAM FOG

Nov 09, 2013 · Navigate to the folder Documents/Assetto Corsa/cfg/ Open Race.ini Change [REPLAY] ACTIVE=0 FILENAME= To [REPLAY] ACTIVE=1 FILENAME=<REPLAY NAME INSIDE Documents/Assetto Corsa/replay FOLDER>

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Triple7Racing • View topic - Save AC replays somewhere ...

Feb 16, 2014 · Shift + right click the assetto corsa folder (c:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\) and press open the command line window. 7. In that window write (or paste ): junction replay "E:/AC-Replays". Hit the return-key and. Agree to the Eula and then you should see in the command line window this:

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How To: Take Great Screenshots in Assetto Corsa ...

23 hours ago · 6a) Hit F8 or F12 to take the shot - Assetto Corsa Competizione on PC allows you to take pictures two ways: F8 and F12. F8 saves the screenshot into your Documents/Assetto Corsa Competizione folder as a high resolution PNG file, whereas F12 captures your shot as a JPG type with a much smaller file size.

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How to save replays - Sim Racing System

Dec 10, 2017 · Select Replay tab on left. Select VIEW AUTOSAVED button at the top. Find your winning race among other autosaved replays and click on it to select it. Click the SAVE SELECTED button at the top. This will move the replay from a temp folder to your saved folder and you will be taken back to that list. Find your newly saved replay and click on it.

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