Top 10 Opinion Games of 2021

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What do you do in the game of giving your opinion?

Students give true or false opinions about famous people or things in this game of giving opinions. Give each group of four a deck of cards to shuffle and lay face down on the table. Each card bears the name of a well-known person or thing. Each group receives a 'Tell the truth' and a 'Tell a lie' card.

What should I do with my ballots?

Allow students to read their cards while you address any questions about meaning and vocabulary. Tell students that they should keep any cards that express strong opinions with which they strongly agree. Meanwhile, they must attempt to pass along any opinion cards with which they disagree.

How do you express yourself in ESL activities?

On each card, there is a topic with three possible responses. Students divide the cards in half to form a fourth opinion on each topic. When all of the students have finished, they combine their cards, shuffle them, and place them face down on the table.

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