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First Grade Wow: Fact and Opinion

Feb 21, 2012 · fact and opinion (1) fact families (4) fairy tales (3) fall (5) families (1) family (2) fiction (5) field trip (1) fireflies (1) fish (6) flip the sound (1) fluency (1) food chain (1) force and motion (3) forms …

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How do you teach facts and opinion in first grade?

Ask them to use evidence or facts from the text to support their opinions. Copy pages from a book that was read aloud and have students circle the opinion signal words they find. They can also underline sentences that are facts. Write facts and opinions on an index card.

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What is a fact for 1st grade?

Ask your students if they know what a fact is. After some discussion, define a fact as a piece of information that is true and is supported by evidence. Choose volunteers to tell you what they think an opinion is.

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