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Is there a free fact or opinion game?

Teach students how to determine fact or opinion with these free printable center game. Here is a fact or opinion game board and cards for students to use in a small group. Second and third grade students will follow the game directions to move along the playing board and check each other’s work.

Free Fact or Opinion Printable Game - Teach Junkie

How to do fact or opinion sorting cards?

Hand out the cards and students must find their partner. Have each class member share their statement and identify which category it goes in. Give students a fact. Have them write their own coordinating opinion. Give students an opinion. Have them write their own coordinating fact.

Fact or Opinion Sorting Cards - The Curriculum Corner 123

Why do you need a fact and opinion center?

This fact & opinion center gives your students the opportunity to practice sorting fact and opinion cards to reinforce the concept. It can be difficult for students to differentiate between facts and opinions. This fact & opinion center will give your students extra practice.

Fact or Opinion Sorting Cards - The Curriculum Corner 123

How to teach your child facts and opinions?

Students will sort out sentences that reflect facts and opinions. Use these vocabulary cards with the EL Support Lesson Plan: Fact or Opinion. Before your child gets started writing research reports, help them learn that not all sources are created equal.

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