At the National Rifle Association, Donald Trump said, 'If we can send $40 billion to Ukraine, we can protect our children's schools.'

During his speech to the National Rifle Association on Friday, former President Donald Trump urged for increased security in American schools.

"If the United States has $40 billion to spend to Ukraine, we should be able to do whatever it takes to keep our children safe at home," Trump said, proposing a number of security measures, including armed police or security guards, to make schools safer.

After a crazed 18-year-old shot and murdered 19 pupils and two instructors at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, the former president squarely addressed the politically sensitive aspect of the tragedy.

"Unlike some, I did not disappoint you by not coming up," Trump declared after a standing ovation as he took the stage at the NRA conference. Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) postponed his attendance at the NRA and instead sent a video while visiting the village of Uvalde.

Trump opened his statement with a minute of mourning for the shooting victims, reciting their names as the conference room bell tolled.

"The monster who performed this atrocity is pure evil, pure cruelty, pure hatred, utter pure hatred," he declared, "and although those he slaughtered are now with God in heaven, he will be eternally doomed to burn in the fires of hell."

After the tragedy, Democrats demanded tougher gun regulation right away, according to the former president.

"Unfortunately, we watched a now-familiar procession of opportunistic politicians wanting to use the tears of grieving families to boost their own authority and take away our Constitutional liberties before the sun had even set on the dreadful day of tragedy," Trump said.

He called the Democrats "repulsive" for attempting to transfer the responsibility for the shooting from the gunman to lawful gun owners.

"When Joe Biden blamed the gun lobby, he was referring to people like you," Trump explained.

He also slammed proposals for stricter gun laws.

"Let's not pretend that folks on the left are just concerned with restricting one type of gun or one type of ammo... He stated, "We all know they want total gun confiscation."

The former president stated that the horrific shootings were proof that the country's residents needed to defend themselves.

"One of the biggest reasons to arm law-abiding folks is the existence of evil," he remarked.

In addition, Trump has called for a cultural shift in the United States.

"No legislation can undo the repercussions of a shattered family." A strong mother and a wonderful father are unrivaled."

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