MIIT wants the US government to change its decision against Chinese telecom companies.

People in China's top industry regulator, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, asked the US on Thursday to reverse its unfair decisions against two Chinese telecom companies. This is what they said:

ComNet (USA) LLC and its parent company, Pacific Networks Corp, received an order from the U.S. FCC on Wednesday that took away their authority to provide certain telecom services in the U.S.

They said in a statement that they were very against this, and they asked the FCC to treat Chinese telecommunications companies the same way they treat other companies.

China will keep taking steps to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese businesses, MIIT said.

If you believe the ministry, both Pacific Networks Corp and ComNet (USA) LLC have been operating in the United States for a long time now, They have always obeyed US laws and regulations, and they have always provided high-quality service to many customers in the US in accordance with commercial principles, which is what they do.

The MIIT said the FCC took away their section 214 authority without giving any evidence to back up their claims that they broke the law. It is unfair to keep Chinese businesses from growing because the government is using its power to make the national security concept even more broad.

As a result, these practices had a big negative impact on US businesses, the ministry said. They also hurt the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese businesses and global consumers, including US users, the ministry said.

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