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On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Alex Berenson makes dangerous claims about the Covid vaccine

The data clearly show that these vaccines are safe for almost everyone. So why are Fox News viewers being told the opposite?

Earlier this week, a Tucker Carlson Tonight guest said that the Covid vaccinations are a "dangerous and ineffectual medicine at this moment against Omicron," implying that "no one should have them."

As of today, it is quite evident that the Omicron vaccinations don't function at all." Rates of major sickness and mortality are growing in these highly vaccinated and boosted countries," former New York Times writer Alex Berenson told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The mRNA Covid vaccinations should be taken off the market immediately. They shouldn't be accessible to anybody. Nobody should be given a lift. No one should ever receive a bonus twice their normal size. This product is harmful and useless against Omicron" at this time.

Although immunizations are less efficient than they formerly were at preventing Covid infections, research from country after country has demonstrated that vaccines are still very successful at avoiding fatalities and hospitalizations caused by Covid:

In contrast, neither Berenson nor Carlson addressed the fact that vaccinated and unvaccinated persons have very different rates of hospitalizations and deaths.

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