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Pyrenees: They film a male bear and obtain impressive images

Nicolas Moreno and Antoine Vaillant set up camera traps with their three boys in Ariège. They got some awesome pictures.

Nicolas Moreno and his two boys, Evan and Luca, who live in Pau, had already brought back exceptional images of a bear and her three cubs thanks to camera traps (which trigger on movement) in June in Haute-Garonne.

Plantigrade lovers reoffended this fall, this time in Ariège, "in the heart of an anti-bear furnace", according to Nicolas Moreno, who embarked on the adventure another father, Antoine Vaillant, and his son.

Several cameras attached to the trees, with tar to attract the animals, were placed in an area with a high density of bears. Three weeks later, in early October, they were able to retrieve impressive new footage, this time of a large male bear.

"We assume it's Nugget," explains Nicolas Moreno. They also recovered hair, which they gave to technicians from the French Biodiversity Office responsible for monitoring the bear.

The entire filmed footage, also showing a doe.

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